Ivan Andric 120th Birthday reflecting novel The bridge on the Drina

Ivan Andric was a novelist and a short story writer lived in 18th century. Ivan Andric’s works were famous all around the world. On Ivan Andric 120th Birthday Google gifted him a beautiful doodle which makes us remember about his famous novel the ‘The bridge on the Drina’.

Ivan Andric 120th Birthday doodle
Ivo Andric’s 120th Birthday (October 9, 2012)

Ivan Andric was born on 9th October 1892 at Travnik.  Andric started his career as a poet .Ivan studied philosophy from various universities. He worked as a civil servant in the ministry of faith and in the ministry of foreign affairs. Serbian academy of science and arts was famous at those times and he was one among its members. He was imprisoned during the time of First World War for his political activities at those times.

Google Doodle is designed including the pictures of beautiful mountains, water and the bridge on Drina. The way in which logo letters are written in Ivan Andric 120th Birthday Google doodle also differs from other doodles. Letters are arranged in a scattered manner. Some letters are placed on the mountain and some are kept in the water. Actually the doodle resembles the actual scenery of the place around the bridge which was the background in the Ivan’s novel ‘The Bridge on the Drina’.

Ivan Andric 120th Birthday
Ivan Andric
(Image Credit : Nobelprize.org)

Ivan Andric got Nobel Prize for literature in the year 1961. He was a part of Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian literature .Ivan was given a doctorate in the year of 1972 by the University of Belgrade. Some of his famous works includes The River on the Drina, Bosnian chronicle, Ex Pronto, Unrest, The women from Sarajevo, The damned yard, Omer Pasha Latas. Most of his writings were dealt mainly with life of Bosnia.

After the death of his second wife Ivo reduced his public appearance .Ivan was fallen ill and finally died on 13th March 1975.The house Ivan spend his life time in Travnik is now a Museum.