Is Tim Cook the right CEO for Apple?

Apple shares are going continuously down in the share market, also loses most valuable company title in last month. Tim Cook the right CEO for Apple? can he manage this situation?

Is Tim Cook the right CEO for Apple?Steve Job was the man who took company to the right path through his innovative ideas and thoughts. He was the CEO of Apple during the golden times of company. Products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac which captured the world market in a flash of seconds was the creativity of Steve Jobs. Unfortunately he passed away due to pancreatic cancer on 5th October 2011.

It was Steve’s hard work and dedication which took the company to a height that it got the title of largest tech company of the world. His dedication and sincerity towards Apple is clearly understood if you had heard this comment by him ” i have always said that if there ever came a day when no longer i could meet my expectations and duties as Apple CEO, I would be the first to let you know”

Tim Cook was the man who took the position of the CEO of the largest tech company after Steve Jobs. He was also a man with great innovative thoughts and ideas as the Steve Jobs. It was his highly influencing talent and qualification made him to get owned by the designation of largest paid CEO in the world. But it’s quite natural that responsibilities and duties get increased with this, so the fall of Apple in the share market should be answered by him. It’s the lack of proper management which resulted in this.

In this situation many new names are getting murmured in the background for a better CEO for Apple. Jonathan Ive, the senior designer of Apple is the name which has been gaining power to be the CEO of Apple next. Jonathan Ive was the diamond found out by Steve Jobs when he was the CEO of Apple. It was Jonathan Ive who designed the ideas of Steve Jobs in to realty. Yes, he is the designer of almost all products launched by Apple.

Jonathan Ive’s creativity with Steve Jobs ideas was the actual success of Apple. So Jonathan Ive is expected to have all qualities that could regain Apple’s lost market. It’s the creativity evolved in his brain which ultimately reached in our hand as iPod, iPhone, iMac or whatever else. Acceptance of Apple product in the market had a great association with its design. Portability and accessibility of the Apple product at any place where we travel was made possible because of its slim, weightless and attractive designing style.

The man who could implement what Steve Job though in the mind in the way he wanted will surely have the management skill to bring out new and innovative ideas that could give back Apple its lost market value. Though Jonathan Ive is not a software architect or electronics engineering concerning Apple products it’s sure that talent Steve Job found out will not be fake.

Whoever may take the place of Apple CEO, ultimately its Steve Jobs the actual man behind all that Apple gained. Hope that Tim Cook will come up with something new and best in the market to bring back the Apple dominance in the electronic market. Great changes takes place by great ideas so we can expect something innovative and sparking from Apple as they have showed ones that they are the best and could be the best.