Is Siri for Android and Blackberry possible

The intelligent personal assistant Siri is one of the most popular Apple services. Siri can bring answers for your questions, can control your device on various services. So is Siri for Android and Blackberry possible

Is Siri for Android and Blackberry possible

Is Siri for Android and Blackberry possible

Siri is originally developed by SRI International in 2007,application is quickly acquired by Apple. Later Apple made many improvements in Siri. Apple introduced Siri for the first time in iPhone 4S, becomes very popular in short time.

Siri for android and Blackberry can’t expect anymore because Apple won’t provide apps for other platforms.  You can still find number of applications in play store but they are not actual Siri, those apps are one with voice actions. The speciality of Siri is intelligence, it can perform scheduled tasks, voice actions can only do what tells to do.

What is Siri?

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant applications that help to get things by voice commands. With your voice Siri allows to make phone calls, send messages, schedule meeting and to surf the net. This application can recognize your natural speech. It is also ask you question for the completion of input.

Devices that support Siri

Most of all iDevices support Siri. The first ever iDevice that get Siri service is Apple iPhone 4S.Through iPhone 4S Siri became widely popular. Later Apple included this application iPad with retina display, iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and in 5th generation iPod touch. Apple will inbuilt this application in upcoming iPhone and iPad series.

How does it perform?

In all Siri supported devices the particular application can be access by holding down the home button. On the launching of the application it will makes beep sound in twice and shows the message ‘What can I help you with?’ Also the microphone icon of the application gets bling when you talking to it. It let you remind that Siri listening to your voice. The inputting can be also done through headphones and Bluetooth.

After you finished talking to Siri it will display the question you asked or task you ask to perform. It will automatically ask questions to you if it needs further informations from you. When it gets complete input Siri will reply you back with voice and informative pages.Siri supporting iOS applications

Siri Supporting languages:-

  • United States (English).
  • United Kingdom (English).
  • Australia (English).
  • Japanese.
  • German.
  • French.
  • Mandarin (China, Taiwan).
  • Cantonese (Hong Kong0.
  • Italian.
  • Korean.
  • Spanish.

Siri an ideal application

Siri gives out an effortless experience with the particular device. It saved our valuable time. Siri allows doing complex task with using our voice commands. It also can perform dictation. The Siri integration in automobiles allows getting the directions and place informations easily. It is stand as a perfect guide that letting us to get the informations in faster way. For blinds and visually impaired people Siri becomes a blessing because it provides the informations in voice mode.

Google Voice search v/s Siri

When we talk about Siri normally we hit with Google voice search because both do the same task. So which is better? In fact Google voice search becomes quicker and accurate than Siri. It is because the search giant Google has rich database known as Knowledge graph. It contains more than 570 million objects and 18 billion facts about them.