Is Google android the reason for Facebook Home

It is a fact that Facebook became an addiction to everyone. We eagerly wait for every single bit of updations from Facebook. Recently the social networking giant unveils new social home for android phones called Facebook Home. It is not at all available for other platforms. Is Google android the reason for Facebook Home.

Google android - The backbone of Facebook HomeFacebook Home was officially unveiled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 4th April. According to Zuckerberg most of the Smartphone today available in the market focused for applications. As Smartphone became a part of our daily life it should be designed for people. With Facebook Home they focused to makes the connection with people more open. For providing this software they readily choose for Google’s android operating system.

Is Google android the reason for Facebook Home?

From the event invitation itself it is revealed that Facebook focused only for android operating system. They entitled the event as ‘come see our new home on android’. Mark Zuckerberg started the event by saying the statement ‘how you can make you android phone as a social device’.

We can totally agree with one fact that if Facebook starts for Smartphone manufacturing they can’t make any hit. It is just because of a bestselling Smartphone only hit 20 or 30 billion units, Facebook got 1 billion active users. But the reason for choosing android for new experiment other than making home grown OS is that Google android is completely open.Facebooh Home - complete social experince on android phone

Why Zuckerberg choose android OS for Facebook Home?

Today Facebook have 1 billion active users. Upon this about 640 million users use their Smartphones to connect with Facebook. It is already reported that 3 out of 4 Smartphone today arrived at market is android phone. Also Facebook for android is one of the most downloading applications. So android played a basic role in social networking filed.

The exact reason for why Facebook chooses for android for their new software is nothing but its open nature. Google android helps the manufactures to customize in their own way. So definitely Facebook automatically stuck on with android. As they can build up their invention at its right form only with android. Also the dominance of android market is one of the reasons for it.

Why there is no Facebook Home for iOS now?

Like android Apple iOS is also powerful mobile operating system in the technical world. But Facebook’s new innovative software didn’t available for iOS. It is because of Apple providing a complete closed environment for iOS. It is not at all customizable as that of Google android. In some way it offers a secured system. No third party can change the subsystem of Apple iOS.