4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5S introduce very shortly

Top cellphone manufactures like Samsung, HTC and LG providing handsets in in different variants. Now the tech giant Apple is on the same and all set to announce new iPhone. The 4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5S introduce very shortly.

4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5SAt the time of Q3 2013 earnings report presentation the CEO Tim Cook himself indicated that the upcoming iDevices features several design changes. It is also reported that the delay within the introduction of next iPhone because of switching to larger screen. Apple iPhone 5S will have 4.2 inch screen size and it will introduce in coming months.

The 4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5S

We actually knew about the trend of large screen Smartphones existing today, may the reason for development of 4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5S. Apple completely redesigned their new iPhone, entire area is taken by the screen and no changes within the height, width and depth of from iPhone 5. The 4.2 inch iPhone will have a screen resolution of 1704*960px with retina display.

You will get a new fresh look from upcoming iPhone 5S. To enlarge the screen Apple shorten the size of home button and it is seems to be like home button within 5th generation iPod touch. The 465ppi pixel density of iPhone 5S ensures the crystal clear display quality of the phone, much higher than that of Samsung Galaxy SIV.

Even though it is unofficial news you may also found new extra layer within iPhone 5S screen, for the recognition of finger prints. If it comes true then the iPhone 5S also have a biometric chip, such case the security of iPhone 5S raise to new level.iOS7 powered iPhone 5S

Upcoming 4.2 inch Apple iPhone 5S will runs on iOS7 operating system.  The new generation iOS operating system features with many new features from that of previous release.  Also Apple may use a new processor within their upcoming smartphone to providing lightning fast performance.

Upon the camera specifications the iPhone 5S will have 13 megapixel iSight camera with LED flash. The backside illumination sensor makes the low light photography more advanced. It is also features with face detection and 360 degree panorama. Last Apple announced the iPhone 5 in the month of Septembers we can hope for the new 4.2 inch iPhone 5S in the same time this year.