Apple iPhone 5S will have convex home button with fingerprint sensor

It is officially confirmed that the new generation iPhone will introduce on September 10th. Upcoming iPhone will have lot of changes from that of previous releases. Apple iPhone 5S will have convex home button and fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 5S will have convex home buttonThe first generation iPhone introduced in the year 2007. From that time onwards Apple followed a concave deign for the home button with a rectangular mark. Now we are going to encounter a change within this system through upcoming iPhone 5S. The upcoming iPhone 5S will have a convex home button. The rectangular mark that we seen with current iPhone model also get removed through the next release.

The presence of fingerprint sensor that makes convex home button for iPhone 5S. The convex home button will provide extra space to carry the fingerprint sensor for iPhone 5S. The assembling of fingerprint sensor under the home button won’t undertake the space for lightning connector, speaker and microphone.

The convex home button for iPhone 5S also becomes helpful to recognize the presence of finger easily. That is the convex shape of the home button can recognize the finger than any other shape. The iOS7 beta 5 also gives a clear evidence of fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S through the code.fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S

The convex button of iPhone 5S is protected by sapphire, it prevents the home button from being scratched. Sapphire has hardness second to diamond. It is also reported that Apple will provide a gold color option for iPhone 5S. Currently the iPhone model available in black and white color option.

The upcoming iPhone 5S will powers through Apple’s A7 processor. It provides ultra-fast processing speed for the phone. Like the previous release iPhone 5S also have 8 megapixel iSight camera. But the F-stop within the iPhone 5S brighter up to 2. It will bring more light to the photos and all of them look very stunning.