Apple iPhone 5S release date scheduled for September 6th

The speculations about screen size and cheaper iPhone set the release date of new generation iPhone into a confused state. Now it is said to be iPhone 5S release date scheduled for September 6th,  reported by German blog iFun.

iPhone 5S release dateLast year Apple launched the iPhone 5 on 12th September. This year everyone hope for the arrival of new generation iPhone at the end of 2013. It is just because of the news about Apple’s plans for switching to larger screen for iPhone 5S. The iFun site reported that they got this information from believable source and iPhone 5S release date fix for September 6th.

“The next generation iPhone will be according to our information on 6 September come on market. In addition to that day ‘two new types of devices to be available’- and thus are not two color variants or memory meant. This information can reach us from very credible and serious source” iFun reported.

The upcoming iDevices, both iPhone and iPad will vary in screen size. It is already reported that the iPhone 5S will have a screen size of 4.2 inch. It is also said to be new generation iPad will have larger screen. CurrentlyiPad is available in 9.7 inch.Apple iPhone 5S

We also hear about plastic case iPhone and a few images of rumored device also hit online. According to those news the budget based iPhone will have a polycarbonate body rather than costly aluminum one. But it is also to be noted that polycarbonate body won’t goes down so much in cost.

If Apple launches such cheaper iPhone then we can expect it in a number of colors. It is because of cheaper iPhone will boast with plastic body. If Apple fixed iPhone 5S release date for September 6th then it is going to be very earlier as compare to previous releases. As 2013 became the year of releases of most innovative Smartphones now it is Apple’s turns to make the surprise. So we can hope that the iPhone 5S release date is September 6th itself.