iPhone 5S announcement may extend to end of this year

From the announcement time of iOS7 itself everyone was eagerly waiting for next generation iPhone. The reports say that iPhone 5S announcement may extend to end of this year. The switching of new iPhone to larger screen is the reason behind this decision.

iPhone 5S releaseIn 2012 Apple Inc. released the iPhone 5 in the month of September. The analysts and brand lovers also expected that Apple will make the iPhone 5S release in the same time this year. If the rumors comes true we can expect the larger screen iPhone 5S announcement in the end of this year.

It is also to be noted that the budget based iPhone also comes up in Apple rumors. Recently we had seen the video on plastic based iPhone, It is not at all confirmed by the company. Such sources said that the plastic case itself is the only different for cheap iPhone as that of original iPhone 5. If Apple makes such a device in real case the introduction of cheap iPhone may happen in coming months.

The flagship Smartphones from other top manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC and LG are featured with larger screens. In fact the larger screen phones became a trend today. It is expected to be upcoming iPhone 5S has 4.3 screen with retina display. Of course it becomes a big change from Apple in iPhone models. If it is the reason for delay in iPhone 5S announcement then surely the customers will welcome that.

Another interesting news about upcoming iPhone 5S is that fingerprint authentication. It is also reported that upcoming iPhone 5S has a biometric chip for providing finger print authentication. It will change the security within the iPhone 5S to new level. Other than new chip the phone also have a new layer within the screen to access finger print.

Other changes within upcoming iPhone are new generation iOS7 operating system, 13 megapixel camera, new processor and improved camera. So the iPhone 5S release surely becomes a new milestone in Smartphone world.