Can we hope for iPhone 5S announcement at WWDC 2013

The Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple is about to start within hours. The next generation mobile operating system iOS7 confirmed before the show. But the brand addicts and everyone else have a unique question in mind, Can we hope for iPhone 5S announcement at WWDC 2013.

 iPhone 5S announcement Apple puts a ‘7’ banner infront of Moscone center, the venue of WWDC 2013 on 7th June. In that way Apple gave a clear indication on the arrival of iOS7. But we deeply wished for the Smartphone which runs on this mobile operating system. It is the biggest announcement that everyone wished from WWDC 2013.

Apple iPhone 5S announcement

If Apple announces the iPhone 5S at this time it  surely becomes a biggest breakthrough in mobile world. It is because this year the industry gone through the strong domination of android phones. Samsung Galaxy SIV and HTC One make millions of sales in each month. Apple iPhone5 falls down to the second position in US market because of the high demand got  by Galaxy SIV.

Other than previous releases Samsung provides Galaxy SIV in different variants in this year. It includes Galaxy SIV original, Google edition Galaxy SIV, Galaxy SIV Mini, Galaxy SIV Active and Galaxy SIV Zoom. This perfect move from the Korean manufactures can attract all types of customers.

So it is the right time for the announcement of Apple iPhone 5S to retain its market value. Even though here exits the android dominance still there are millions who are highly passionate of Apple iPhone series. The first ever iteration from Apple designer Jonathan Ive in iOS7 becomes a backbone of iPhone 5S. According to the Company the iOS7 will turns to the future of Apple devices.

Upon the design and security no other tech companies can overtake Apple. Also the hardware cum software coupling makes the Apple the best. Even Apple iPhones 5S is an updated version of previous release it might boost with innovative features. We can hope that it will announced in WWDC 2013 itself.