Apple released iOS7 beta 2 for developers

The new generation mobile operating system from Apple boasts with many innovative features. Apple also released the beta version of iOS7 at that time. Now Apple released iOS7 beta 2 for developers.

 iOS 7 beta 2The beta version of iOS7 only available for one who with developer’s license. The official release of iOS7 operating system for the users not yet announced by Apple. Today Apple released second beta version of iOS7 operating system, will provide the link soon in iOS developer’s site.

Apple iOS7 beta 2

The major change within the second beta version of iOS7 is it support for iPad also. The first beta version of iOS7 didn’t include iPad within supporting device’s list. It is also available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Mini. The beta 2 version of iOS7 updated with many new features from that first release.

The faster Siri service is one of the noticeable features within iOS7 beta 2. The new male and female voice updation for iOS7 now can access via iOS7 beta 2. The both voice mode of Siri available in English within iOS7 beta. Also the testing of beta 2 version encountered with the presence of voice memo application and Xcode 5.iOS7 beta 2

The innovative iOS7 mobile operating system

  • New control center for making quick actions such as turn on and off airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness, calculator, camera and flash options.
  • The advanced notification center within iOS7 helps to provides quick glance at all things you need to know.
  • The smart multitasking provides automatic updation of contents within the application before you going to launch it.
  • Updated Safari browser provides next level of browsing experience.
  • The new camera options provides well organized photo gallery. You can edit and share the photos easier than before.
  • The iTunes radio brings all music you want to hear. It helps to stream out music s from more than 200 channels. According to the mode of your selection iTunes radio will provides automatic suggestion of music.