Apple put a ‘7’ banner in front of WWDC venue to confirm iOS7 arrival

The Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple is about to start within few days. The next generation mobile operating system iOS7 is the most expected announcement in WWDC 2013. Today Apple put a ‘7’ banner in front of WWDC venue to confirm iOS7 arrival.

iOS7 arrivalThe Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple or WWDC is the technical event that takes place  every year in California. It is the technical event in which Apple show case new software and technologies. This year’s WWDC event is highly looking up for next generation iOS and other device announcements.

Apple iOS7 arrival

It is a common thing that done by Apple in every year in WWDC that put a banner before the show. This time Apple put an interesting ‘7’ banner in front of Moscone center California. It is the venue for WWDC 2013. Through that banner it’s confirmed that the event will showcase iOS7 operating system.

The iOS7 is the first design iteration from the Apple designer Jonathan Ive. The next generation mobile operating system from Apple gets a flat redesign. The lock screen within upcoming OS will also change to new level. Also there is a chance for security code pad alteration. The clock that we seen with iOS6 turn to stark black screen for better gesture control.WWDC 2013 san fransisco

In iOS7 we can’t see the Apple application folder that we seen with iOS6. It is hidden within iOS7. It is because we don’t use  those applications frequently. But all of us hope for an inbuilt map service from Apple rather than these changes. In last year Apple faced a lot of problems with flap map. The CEO Tim Cook apologized for it through webpage on official site. They makeover it through providing Google Maps after a short while.

For ensuring strong security the iOS7 also may feature with finger print recognition. So that only the legitimate users can access the services and device support. It is not at all confirmed yet. We can hope for a better services and device announcement from Apple in WWDC 2013.