iOS6 features ad tracking blocker

The dominant mobile OS iOS6 comes up with more than 200 improvements. The ASLR and code signing systems made the OS to bring out most secured mobile experience. Now Apple iOS6 features ad tracking blocker.iOS6 features ad tracking blocker

Targeting ads are one of the methods used by advertisers to tracks out your mobile behaviors. Limited ad tracking feature allows to prevents the ads in many extends. The new security featured button show upon general start menu in I phone.

Apple aims for complete secured mobile experience. The advertisements identifiers in many networks keep you out of get tracked. There are many ad blocking methods are used by mobile manufactures but not much effective like this. This feature is something like private mode browsing in modern browsers.

Apple also said that not all advertising networks can be identified but can in many extend. They are looking up for complete identification of whole suck network. The most secured fast performed user friendly mobile operating system iOS6 still covered with effective features and the tech world eagerly waiting for September 19th.