Invention of Telephone: Beginning of new revolution

Telephone, the miraculous invention by Graham Bell made a dynamic change in the world of telecommunication. Just think of a world where there is no phones. Is it possible to live a life without your mobile or tablets? So let’s make an overlook on invention of telephone.

Invention of TelephoneIt was in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell got the US Patent for his new invention. Phone was an extraordinary invention of which led to new revolution in the world. Origin of this invention was not accidental. It was the continuous hard work, determination and sincerity paved way for this new era of telecommunication.

Invention of Telephone

Graham Bell was very much interested in experiments with speech from childhood itself. It was his father who understood this fact and encouraged him for this. With the support from family Alexander worked on with his experiments with his companion Thomas A Watson. In the year 1876 on October 9th they marked the beginning of new revolution with first ever long distance call from New York and Chicago over two mile distance.

It was by educating the deaf people during his life time Alexander Graham Bell got the inspiration for inventing something that make us to communicate each other without seeing. Graham bell’s deaf mom and wife also became a reason for him to experiment with such a new thought.

The first phone which was invented by Alexander Graham bell worked with the principle of diaphragm vibration in the sender and receiver side which cause fluctuations in the electric current transmitted and at the end in generation of duplicated sound which is send by sender.

First Phonecall everBut now technology have changed a lot. Today we can do anything and everything with our phones. When Alexander Graham Bell invented what we call telephone in 1876 wired connections should be existed to make the conversation possible but today any one in any corner of the world can speak with each other through the mobiles phones. Even we can see live video and chat with each other. This is what actually call the drastic transformation.

The basis of all inventions that we see today is the result of the great invention of phone by Graham Bell. It was telephone which paved way for many people to think about the possibilities of telecommunication. By the end of 1886 in Europe more than 150000 people owned telephones.

The journey of telephone didn’t came to an end when Alexander Graham Bell passed away from the world leaving behind his thoughts and works in the year 1922. New theories and formulations were incorporated with his invention and new technologies got birth. Now it reached to such an extent that people are capable to exchange video, text and audio message using very small devices which have a size of our figure tip.

First PhoneToday we can see thousands of brands with their new phones every day in the market. Whatever may be the brands and technologies ultimately the base for all this is the telephone invention of 1876. So the telephone invented by Graham Bell can be regarded as the pioneer of all inventions that bought changes to the world.

I think now it’s quite clear that what is the role of Alexander Graham bell and his invention of telephone in making the world what we see today. A worlds without tablets, smartphones, mobiles and other telecommunication devices will mark the end of worlds. Now it’s not possible to live a life without all these. Everything in the world is linked to each other and it’s the communication media which make this link wide and clear.