Google celebrates International women’s day 2014 with an animated Doodle

Today Google celebrates international women’s day 2014 with an animated Doodle. This women’s day Doodle will runs on homepages of countries across the world from March 7 to 9.

international womens day 2014 google doodle
international womens day 2014 google doodle ( 7th March, 2014)

First of all each international women’s day celebrated on 8th of March. You can see that Women’s day 2014 Doodle dancing above the search bar of Google. It includes different colored Venus symbol, to indicate female gender. The second  ‘O’ within official logo includes a giant yellow Venus symbol that carries a play button inside it.

womens day celebration

Once you hit on the play button eight different colored dots revolve around the symbol, for rendering a video. After a short while you will see a montage of popular women across the world saying ‘happy women’s day’ in the respective languages.

This women’s day 2014 Google Doodle includes wishes from popular women’s like Malala Yousafzai (well known women activist), Noelle Wenceslao, Janet Belarmino and Carina Dayondon (First ever Filipino Everest summiteers) , Mary Kom (Five times world boxing champion from India) and a number of other popular womens. You can also see a badge of international women’s day at the end. This Doodle shows biggest achievements of womens in various fields and right for equality.women's day wishes

For this year United Nations declared ‘Inspired Change’ as the official theme of International Women’s day ,calls for a positive change in the world for women. For every women’s day different nationals arrange different types of events. Honouring womens who made great achievements across different fields found as common events. Each authorities also arrange different gatherings and well organized events in popular places of the country.