International Women’s Day 2005 Google Doodle

International Women’s Day is observed on March 8th since 1909. It’s a day specially dedicated for showing the respect for women’s. International Women’s Day is celebrated in many nations with grand parties.

International Women’s Day 2005 Google Doodle
International Women’s Day 2005(March 8, 2005)

Google also showed respect towards all women by releasing a special doodle on this special day. Google doodle on this day included the symbol of women’s day in the place of Google alphabet ‘o’. This made it exclusively dedicated for announcing the specialty of the day. International Women’s Day 2005 Google Doodle also was simple and attractive as usual.

Google had showed its respect and honor for women’s in the past years also coming up with special doodles on Mother’s Day which is especially dedicated for all mothers. Google doodles on these days in the home page clearly shows out how much value they give for women’s in the era where women’s are facing many discrimination.

International Women’s Day celebration took its birth in the year 1909. It was after the declaration on February by Socialist Party of America the celebration of this day officially took place on February 28thin United States.  After this many organizations came forward to initiate the celebrations of the International Women’s Day. In the primary years the celebration didn’t had any consistency in its date. But after few years a constant date was fixed for its celebration.

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day
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Women have got many special qualities. They are the one who make life possible on earth. Women can be the leading light of a family. History had proven that women can succeed in every area equal to men. We can see many successful ladies in the history who have showed their talents in different falls of life.

International Women’s Day is observed to make sure that all the rights of women’s are protected and they are treated with equal rights as men. Now we can see many women’s up gradation programs all over the world. In many countries now we can see the place of women in social and political status is equal to men. Even we can see the countries ruled by women leaders in the head of the government.

International Women’s Day programs are gaining importance day by day. Today on International Women’s Day a wide range of programs takes place all over. International Women’s Day programs include special parades, award functions and speeches on women’s liberations. Though many programs were introduced on this day and women’s organizations had gain strength we were not able to wash out the suppression and discriminations against women’s completely. Google’s doodle on the International Women’s Day of 2005 was specially designed to showcase what the value of women in the world.