Instagram video support for Flipboard get activate via new updation

The new aggressive application Flipboard help us to get the updations from popular sites with one flip. Ever wished for Instagram video support within this application? Through the new updation Instagram video support for Flipboard get activate.

Instagram video support for Flipboard You can get the updated Flipboard for android and iOS from respective app store. The social networking sharing tool Instagram brings the fun and news through 15 seocnd videos. So it is becomes better to find Instagram videos on Flipboard.

Instagram video support for Flipboard

Social networking tools is the best way to get update about the latest news. That is why this service included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through the new updation. So the users can get the feeds from their favorite social sites in new magazine mode. Upon this the most noticeable one is Instagram video support.

Instagram is a social networking sharing tool owns by Facebook. Instagram introduced 15 second video support  in previous week. The new feature within the Instagram became viral in short time. Within 24 hours of official updation of this feature Instagram hit with 1 million video uploads from user. This service includes 13 different video filters.Flipboard screenshots

So the Instagram video support for Flipboard surely turns to be the one of the best ever thing happened to it. It is because users must expect the things which are became trend nowadays. Instagram videos includes both fun and messages at it’s right way.If such services are coming together within service like Flipboard users can gets the news quickly and can save their time.

The new updation within Flipboard also brings a reminder for the service that highlight to log into the Google reader on or before 30th of this month. It just have to remind that save your feeds before the service is going to shut down. The new updation for Flipboard also includes bug fixes and may improvements.