Sergey Brin talked on inspiration behind Google Glass at TED

Google co-founder and the man behind the idea of Google Glasses, Sergey Brin gave a sudden surprising visit on the third day of TED before live audience. It was for just 10 minutes Brin spoke on the inspiration behind Google Glass.

 inspiration behind Google Glass

inspiration behind Google Glass

Sergey Brin in his speech told that it was just a thought to get out of the looking down continuously for using phones which resulted in working with the creation of this product. The project for building up this product started two years back and now we can expect the release of this product worldwide before the end of 2013.

From the latest video released by developers on 20th February it’s clear that how this new innovative product will be useful for the customers. Google project glass is capable of reducing your work load by doing several task you want to do in your regular life and make you enjoy the life.

Just imagine that you want to take a beautiful picture of a landscape in front of you. You can do it with Google glass by speaking a single word. Likewise many facilities are incorporated in the new device by understanding the customer interest.

For making the use of Google glass useful and simple developers have also included a indirect bone conducting speaker in it to make you hear loud and clear if you are in a crowd. As Brin said this device gives you everything in front of your eye. So you can get rid of continuously looking down whenever you are using your mobile phones or tablets.

Google glasses are expected to do all the things that you can do with your smartphones and tablets. Language translation support provided by the glass is highlighted in the latest released video. As per the details disclosed by the developers this small computing device will have the facility to provide video calling with your loved ones. Google glass expected to be goes public in next year.