Inside of Moto X Smartphone Get show off through iFixit

The fixing site iFixit tear down electronics products and help us to learn inner parts within them. Moto X is the first ever Smartphone that assembled in United Sates by Google. Today iFixit show off inside of Moto X Smartphone.

Inside of Moto XMoto X is the first mobile that got released after Google acquired Motorola. While exploring inside of Moto X Smartphone we get a close touch with the technology from Google.  The unexpectedly flexible rear panel of Moto X became the focusing feature of the phone white tear down it. Google offers many back panels for Moto X users, they can choose their own wish.

Inside of Moto X Smartphone

At first we can see the NFC antenna inside of Moto X while tear down it. The adhesive pad within the phone helps to place the flash in the right spot. The volume and sleep button of the phone featured within one handy cable. Moto X phone also featured with 16GB eMMC NAND storage.

Motorola X8 mobile computing system along with 2200mAh Lithium –ION battery provides 24 hours of mixed usage.  The advanced processing power of Moto X Smartphone promised by custom system architecture from the Company along with eight processor cores. Upon them four graphic processor cores give off crystal clear clarity for Moto X phone.Inner part of Moto X

Apart from other Smartphones the headphone jacket within Moto X Smartphone can be found in the top position. The front and rear camera modules of Moto X phone remain same as that of other phones. The phones sues clear pixel camera so that each shots brings more light. The iFixit site also reported that there is no ‘magical layer’ within the display of Moto X phone.

The live on commanding, clear pixel camera, advanced photo application, flexible back panel and services from Google makes Moto X Smartphone to be a promisable one. Moto X available for $199 with two year contract on popular carriers.