Insertion of images to comment in FB gets activated officially

One of the specialty of social networking giant Facebook is nothing but the time to time updation of its site with new features. In this year we already came across the features such as graph search, new news feed, Facebook Home and Hashtag. Today insertion of images to comment in FB gets activated officiallyInsertion of images to comment in FB

It’s sure that it will be a nice feature if we can add images to the comments within Facebook. It makes the conversations between our friends more informative. The introduction of this feature was done later in this morning. The insertion of images to the comment feature within Facebook was first of all encountered by Dan Leveille, product manager at

Dan Leveille shared this information within Facebook. It is also shared with a Twitter account @mathewskeyslive. The insertion of images to comment feature is now rolling out for web version and later it will available within mobile also. Once you get this feature you can find a camera icon within the comment box. You can readily insert pictures to your comment with one tap.

It is unknown that when this features will be available for global Facebook user. Any way it is going to be a good step by Facebook as users will get more tools for sharing. Also this feature helps the Facebook users to make the conversion more effective with the addition of visual elements.