Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Doodle including Garuda Pancasila

On Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Google included a doodle in homepage landed on Indonesia to celebrate. Indonesian National Emblem Garuda Panaasila was the highlight of doodle. As the Google logo characters are written with national flag colors this doodle became apt for the Independence Day.

Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Doodle
Indonesian Independence Day (Aug 17 2013)

Indonesian national Day 2013 activities are expected to be one of the best among the celebrations of the year. Programs related to the national day began a week ahead itself in Indonesia. National Flag which is hoisted as a part of Independence Day activities is introduced on Independence Day. Every decorations for the day includes red and white color in it to represent the nation flag.

As we can see in the doodle the national emblem with the picture of Garuda Pancasila with the quote “Unity in Diversity” have also got great importance in the country. Indonesian Independence Day 2013 is also an holiday to Indonesia.

The Independence Day parade is the biggest thing that we can see on the day. Floats and marching bands makes the parade a visual treat for the audience. Google doodle for Indonesian Independence Day 2013 celebrations was a gift and honor by the Indonesians by Google.

It was in the year 1945 Indonesia became an independent nation from Netherlands. Hari Merdeka is the name by which Independence Day is known in Indonesia. People of Indonesia gives great importance for the Hari Merdeka and its programs. Many entertainment, cultural and art programs takes place after the parade of Independence Day in Indonesia as in other countries.

Panjat Pinang is the main game played over there as a part of fun for the day. Apart from this many small programs are also organized by the people over there on the day for fun and celebration. Google have come up with Indonesian Independence Day doodle from many years back. Each doodle was designed in special and different style for the celebration. This year’s Garuda Panacasila doodle with flag colors was also an apt one for the day.