Indonesia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle

17 August 2014, Google Doodle marked Indonesia Independence Day on search homepage of country. Indonesia gained Independence from Netherlands in 1945 August 17.

Indonesia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle
Indonesia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(August 17, 2014)

Google Doodle for 69th Indonesian Independence Day includes celebration in different levels in nation. You can see, school children raising Indonesian flag in center of doodle, colors in the doodle goes in hand with celebration of day in country.Hari Kemerdekaan is known as Independence Day in Indonesia. Clicking doodle will  take you to the search page for ‘Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia’.

Indonesia Independence Day celebrations

Indonesian people celebrate Independence  day at its best. Programs for the day begin months before itself. Main event of day starts with flag hoisting at state palace. Similar programs will takes place at government offices and schools.

Wishes are flowing to Indonesia from all parts of the world. US state Secretary John Kerry have sent the wishes of Indonesia Independence Day on behalf of President Obama. Stating on details about Indonesia, he ends up the message wishing a joyous and safe celebration on the day.

Apart from flag hoisting, Indonesians have some special method to show respect for the nation. On the anniversary day of Independence, usually people come together in groups and clean up places and collect waste and dispose it. Also many small games and functions will be arranged in every communities and organizations on the day.

Google have published the doodle for Indonesia Independence Day in previous years also. This years doodle also wish ever Indonesian citizen the happiness of Independence and freedom that they gained in 1945. In the monument commemorating Indonesian declaration of freedom, many programs will take place on the day.

You can see large parades including 1000’s gathering to witness on Independence Day. As in Google Doodle, flags and decorations in flag colors are seen every nook and corner on the day.