Indirect Bone Conduction Speaker patent approved for Google Glass

Google wants to include all possible sorts of features within project glass. Now indirect bone conduction speaker patent approved for Google Glass.

Indirect Bone Conduction Speaker patent approved for Google GlassThe main feature of the Google glass is the inclusion of voice recognition and responds. Google project glass can receive the normal voice as input and respond to it. Human voice will reach the brain through a series of process, so in a crowded or rushed area there may be many discomforts to use this facilities of voice recognition normally.

In order to overcome this discomforts Google glasses use indirect bone conduction speaker which makes the voice transmission easier by making small vibrations in head which impulses the liquid in the cochlea movement which are responsible for the transmission of sound to the brain through ventral cochlear nucleus. It was after long scientific researches and assistance the method of vibration was selected to improve the quality of Google project glasses. This is completely harmless technique as the radiations transmitted is very less and completely small that can be even ignored.

Google Project GlassGoogle project glasses will be one of the smallest computing device that do similar job that a smartphone do for us. The Google now like cards are the main feature of Google glass, allows to take most of online services.