India Independence Day Google Doodles and Indian History

Independence of India from British rule in 1947 on 15 of August, commemorated every year with parades, flag hoisting, prayers  with great importance in India. August 15 , Indian Independence Day is an official national holiday.

Indian Independence Day Google Doodles
Indian Independence Day Google Doodles

For wishing Indians happiness of National Day, Google have came up with many doodles which reflects tradition, culture and Patriotism in correct sense. Here are some of Indian Independence Day Google Doodle , you can see how they capture true spirit of the day.

Indian Independence : A Brief History

Dominance of British rule in India since Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese trader and explore ,landed at Calicut port in 1498 AD made the life of Indians worst in the country. Centuries of slavery made Indians react,  first step for the freedom was 1857 revolt.

The 1857 rebellion was a success and rule British East India company in India was withdrew by UK Parliament. In Later years strong aggressive movements were organised under Indian political and religious leaders  to wake up people and raise voice for freedom.

Indian First Independence Day
Indian First Independence Day [Image Credit :Flickr]
Partition of Bengal and years following the conflicts, support gave by India to UK in First World War was the continuation of series in freedom movement started by small political leaders in their area.

Government of India Act, 1919 was a important milestone in history of India. It’s the arrival of Mohandas Gandhi, made great impact in formation of Act.

26 January 1930, this was the day observed as total freedom day to showcase the pride and patriotism, known Purna Swaraj in India. In following year, Civil disobedience movement and Salt March held in India. Final stage of Indian Independence started in the year 1937.

Quit India Movement with slogan ‘Do or Die’ inspired every Indian and last fight for achieving freedom began on 8 August 1942. Struggle for Freedom of India was over on 3rd June 1947,when last British Governor General Louis Mountbatten announced partition of British India. On 15th August 1947, Indian Independence became a reality and war of Independence came to end.

Before declaration of Independence, national  leaders gather together on 14 July 1947  to design the National Flag of India, appointed a committee to design it, which could be a symbol of Nationalism.  Google have came up with many doodles including this tricolor for Independence Day. 2013 India Independence Day Google Doodle purely showcase importance of National flag in India.

Freedom Fighters and Freedom Writers

Indian Independence was gained by struggles and reforms initiated by many Freedom Fighters. Speaking about India and freedom, one name that first comes to our mind is  Mahatma Gandhi, our Father of Nation.

Mahatma Gandhi [Image Credit:flickr]
Mahatma Gandhi
[Image Credit:flickr]
Gandhiji came back to India in 1915 and worked for freedom, his ideologies of non violence  and peace was accepted by entire world as model.

Other activists dedicated themselves for freedom are Subash Chanra Bose, Anni Besant, Rani LakshmiBai, Dr Ambedkar, Mangal Pandey, Sardhar Vallabai Patel and Bagath Singh.

Along with the activist and leaders many freedom writers took their pen as the weapon for convincing nation need for freedom.

Some of the main freedom writers who initiated thought of freedom in their works are Bahadur Shah Zafur,  Sarojini Naidu known as Nightingale of India.

Indian Army, Indian Air force and Indian Navy

Armed forces are playing great role in protecting nation, acting immediately when there is a necessity. Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard services can’t be avoided while thinking about prosperity of India.

Thousands are serving in each of these force to ensure security of country. Indian Army is World third largest Army with its headquarters at New Delhi. Immediate support and services provided by Indian armed forces during natural disasters and calamities, war and terrorist attacks make it best service of country standing humanity and welfare.

Indian AirForce, officially started in year 1932 with responsibility of securing Air Space of India. Air Force of India, today estimated to have 127,000 person in service with about 1500 aircraft. With high quality submarines and ships, India Navy is supporting to maintain safety and protection of  India.

Indian tradition, customs and heritage

Indian customs, traditions and culture is unique and can be sorted out from entire globe easily. Indian celebrate many festivals and give importance to cultural activities and encourage new generation to follow the traditional values. Though there are many caste and languages, Indians celebrates festivals with single heart and soul.

Unity in Diversity, its actual meaning is visible in each and every place in India. There are about people speaking 50 different languages in India. Love and respect to elders are basic values every Indian possess.

Indian Independence Day 2011 Google Doodle
Indian Independence Day 2011 Google Doodle

There are numerous rivers, lakes and geographically beautiful places in India. This make tourist attracted to the country. UNESCO have listed 32 of Indian sites as World Heritage Site.  Google Doodles have included these sites and Indian culture and geographical attraction many time.

In 2012 Google Doodle for Independence Day, National bird peacock is included in it. Also the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, Red Fort at Delhi is included doodle on 2011.

Indian Independence Day celebrations

Independence Day celebrations include national parade, presidential address, speech competition and patriotic song competitions. Every where Indian Tricolor National flag will be waving and people will give sweets to friends and family to share happiness of Freedom.

Indian Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle
Indian Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle

Google in India have also taken part in celebrations by wishing every Indians Happy Independence Day with special doodles. India Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle, on 68th years of Indian Independence  may also be similarly beautiful and reflect true freedom spirit like previous years. As in every part of country, in Google Doodles also Indian flag are seen as the main theme for the day.

Starting from early morning of the day, celebrations lasts till the midnight, in many places fireworks and night parties will be held to end up the Independence Day Programs.

The main parade will takes place at New Delhi. Indian army and all other armed force services in India jointly take part in Parade and make the day special every year. National television channels will broad caste August 15th , Independence Day programs live and every Indians celebrate the day with patriotic spirit.