India Independence Day 2013 Doodle in Tricolor

Since 2003 Google celebrated India Independence Day with beautiful doodles in the home page. India Independence Day 2013 doodle included the tricolors of national flag in it. Google homepage of the country is decorated with national flag colored ribbon.

India Independence Day 2013 Doodle in National Flag Colors
India Independence Day 2013 ( Aug 15, 2013)

Indian culture and tradition are renowned all over the world. It is a country with a lot of specialties and uniqueness. Indian as like people of other countries give great respect for the nation and national symbols and emblems.

National flag is one among the valuable symbol of India which announces value and culture of the country. Each and every thing including colors and Asoka Chakra in the center have a meaning which reflects the heritage of the nation. In the India Independence Day 2012 Google doodle it was the national bird which was included in it to make it perfect for the day. Live wise in all the national day doodles Google have included something which represents nation.

Saffron color that we can see in the top portion of the flag is the symbol of renunciation. White as we know, it’s the symbol of peace and green points to the prosperity and vibrance of life. The Asoka Chakra in the middle of the white color is the representation of righteousness.

India Independence Day 2013 is the 67th anniversary of India’s Independence from the British rule. Mahatma Gandhi is the man behind Indian Independence movement. He is known as the father of Nation in India. Nonviolence was the tool he took in hands to fight for freedom.

There are many prominent personalities in India who played great role in making the world progress to such a level that we see today. Some of the unavoidable names that we have to mention while thinking of India are Aryabatta, C V Raman, Sushrita, Jagdish Bose and freedom fighters like Bagath Sing, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardhar Valla Bhai Patel and  the list goes on without ending.

India Independence Day 2013 doodle got a change in Tricolor?

Yes, Google came up with their doodle for independence day celebration in India but instead of saffron color it was with yellow color the ribbon in the doodle was designed. This mistake done by doodle had a mixed reviews from Google doodle fans of India. Many messages relating to this incident ruled the social media on India Independence Day 2013.

Can You see a diffrence in Tricolor
Can You see a diffrence from the above doodle

But the fact is that it’s for the first time Google made this kind of mistakes in India. There were many Google doodles published in the homepage of Google exclusively for India in different occasions like Republic Day, Mahatma Gandhiji’s Birthday and so on. All of these doodles were appreciated and really included with excellent designs.  For India Independence Day 2013 Google included this beautiful doodle to wish the Indians the happiness of the day. As Google recognized the nation on Independence Day , its really a honor though there was a mistake in color and  they clarified it when came in to notice.