India Independence Day 2007 Google Doodle

Indian Independence Day was celebrated every year of August 15th. Google always comes up with special doodles to make the programs of the day more special for Indians on its home page. It was 60th year of Indian Independence Google celebrated with this doodle.

India Independence Day 2007 Google Doodle
India Independence Day 2007(August 15, 2007)

In the year 2007 also Google came up with India Independence Day 2007 Google Doodle in India including Indian national flag which symbolizes the culture and heritage of the country. Inclusion of National Flag in the national day doodles by Google is common. It’s a way by which Google shows the respect towards the nation and national day.

Indian people celebrate Independence Day with great value. It’s one of the major celebrated days of the country. Celebrations of the day begins from the morning from the Independence Day parade at the capital city and lasts till the end of the day.

In Indian independence parade which starts on the early morning of August 15th people from all the states participate with great enthusiasm and preparation. Independence Day parade of India is one of the occasion in which a large crowd gather together. Similar programs will also take place during the Republic Day of the country on January 26th.

From small children to old people take part in the celebrations of the day with single heart and peaceful mind. On this day special programs are organized in the country to show the respect to those leaders who fought the nations Independence dream to be made in to reality.

Indian independence was not a thing which was attained in a single day. There are sincere efforts and hands of many leaders and politicians behind the Indian independence. So it’s very important to remember their efforts and honor them on the anniversary day of Independence. All over the country special programs are arranged in worship places to pray for the soul of all comrades who fought for the independent India.

To make the day special and to make the people aware of the specialty of the day after the parade in Delhi a gathering takes place where President of India face the public and give the Independence Day message. Small parades takes place in every part of the country which will organized by government authorities or other organizations.


Flag hoisting is another important event which will be held during the morning section of the day all over the country. It is to show the respect for the country people hoist the flag and sing national anthem on the day of Independence.

It is very important to make the children aware of these facts otherwise they will never know the importance of freedom and liberty.  Indian Independence Day celebrations includes all kinds of factors which make us realize this. It’s a very special day for all Indians.