Independence Day Google Doodle Malaysia 2013

Google today in Malaysia celebrates Independence Day with Google doodle Malaysia 2013. Google Doodle includes Malaysian flag colors in it. It is on August 31st Malaysia celebrates anniversary of freedom. On 2013 Malaysia celebrates its 56th Independence Day.

Independence Day Google Doodle Malaysia 2013
Independence Day Google Doodle Malaysia( Aug 31, 2013)

Independence Day, known as Hari Merdeka is celebrated by Malaysians in a grand way every year. In the Independence Day Google Doodle Malaysia 2013 , we can see the letter ‘o’ is replaced by emblem in the Malaysian flag.

Google always have come up with Independence Day doodles Malaysia, on August 31st. Last years doodles also represents Malaysian culture and traditions through it.

Malaysia gained independence from British rule on 1957. Malaysia celebrates the day of independence on August 31st every year to commemorate the handover of power from British rule on August 30th at Royal Selangor Club, Padang at Kuala Lumpur.

National day celebration by Malaysian are grand. National flag and other national emblems are common for celebrations of the day. Flag of Malaysia is known by Jalur Gemilang.

On this 56th Independence Day also Malaysians are preparing to celebrate the day.Malaysia Independence day 2013 focus on theme sovereignty in the parade. Musical concerts, fireworks and patriotic programs are organized in every part of the country. With the Independence Day Google Doodle Malaysia 2013 , Google wished people over the happiness of the day.

Malaysia follows an Elective Monarchical rule. Now ruled by the king Abdul Halim of Kedah. Malaysia is one of the prominent country in Asia which plays an important role in shaping the world. As per the reports, Malaysia stands as third largest economy among the countries of Southeast Asia.

This Asian country is known for its tourism and tourist spots. People all over the world choose Malaysia to spend holidays.Petronas tower, Mount Kinabalu, Cameron Highland etc make Malaysia, the apt place to spend holidays.