Improved Chrome 25 browser out for android and iOS

The improved chrome 25 browser out for android and iOS. The latest version of chrome can be get from respective application stores.

Improved Chrome 25 browser out for android and iOSUpdating with the V8 JavaScript engine is the main improvement that is included in the updated version of Chrome. New Chrome version 25.0.1364.86 is said to have an improvement of 25% performance in relating with speed than the older one V24.

Apart from the improvement in the speed it also includes many features for the Android and iOS devices. Sharing web pages using messages and pressing back button for the easy access of web pages in the tab are some features included in the new updation.

Google search will be easier and efficient by using the Chrome updated version. The above listed features are already available and apart from this new searching quality will be available for the Google search option on the following days as per the official reports.

According to the announcement by Jason Kersey the search term in the Google search keyword will be listed in the omnibox instead of the query URL for the search. So a systematic and neat view of the search will be gained by the users of new version than the users of older Chrome version. It will make your search easy as well as shows more search results on your webpage if the update successfully works.

To ensure the reliability of the new browser speed a test was conducted by Ars Technica. The testing was done by running same benchmark on the older version of Chrome and the latest updated version available. First it was in Samsung Galaxy SIII, the top android smartphone available in the market now was used for the test. The test result blindly backed What the Google claimed. It was shown about 25% improvement from the older version. To ensure the advantage and usefulness of the browser it was analyzed by using Android inbuilt browser and result showed that it is far better than Android browser also.