Google introduced image extensions for ads

Online media is the perfect place to put the promotional ads of any products or services. Upon this service Google AdWords stand on the primary position since 2000. Today Google introduced image extensions for ads.

Image extenion for adsThe visual contents have more power to catching the attention of viewers than text contents. That is why the picture ads became more effective. When publishers can add images over their promotional ads their business get easily attracted by the customers. Today Google introduced a perfect tool for it – the image extensions.

“Advertisers understand that sometimes it is easier to show rather than tell when promoting a business. As search ads continue to evolve, we want to make it easier for you to do both. Today we are announcing the beta launch of image extensions which will allow you to add new visual elements to your search ads. We‘ve added many extensions to search ads to help you be more relevant to users. Image extensions enable you to more accurately convey the body style of a car, the cut of a pair of jeans, or a particular shade of eye shadow, making your ads much richer and informative  so they stand out in a crowded market place” Google revealed through the official AdWords blog.

Google also said that intheir search result one in six links contains a visual ad. The publisher’s image extensions will show up when the searches related to their algorithms comes up. This is wants to make more diverse contents than before.

The publishers who wished for visual ads can send appropriate images to Google. They will put those images after the review. The users must have sufficient rights over that image. Google also provide an application form to join for image extension service. At this time the image extension beta for ads available only for English. It is thinks to be Google expands the service globally in short time.