Brazuca fun doodle stood apart on Israeli homepage on Ilan Ramon’s 60th Birthday

Google is celebrating 2014 FIFA World Cup with series of doodles on homepage landing globally on these days. In between the fun of Brazuca 2014, Google honored Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon on his 60th birthday.

Ilan Ramon's 60th Birthday Google Doodle
Ilan Ramon’s 60th Birthday Google Doodle(June 20, 2014)

Ilan Ramon lost life in his flight on 2003, February 1 on flight in Columbia space shuttle along with other crew members. In the Google doodle honoring Ilan you can see his image in astronauts costume as if gazing through the widow to outer space sitting in spacecraft. It’s imaged as if he is marking out his findings.

Ilan Ramon
Ilan Ramon(Image

Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut was born on 20th June. Ramon became the pilot for Israeli Air Force after graduating as a fighter pilot from Israel Air Force flight school in 1974. He also have  degree bachelor of science in electronic and computer science engineering  from Tel Aviv University Israel.

Colonel Ramon have many flight hours in his life time of 48 years. Ramon is the pilot who have experience in flying air crafts in all conditions. Ramon entered in NASA in 1997. Ramon was a payload specialist in NASA.

Posthumously he was awarded Congregational Space Medal of honors United States. Infact Ramon was the only non US personality to receive the award till date. He was also give NASA Space flight Medal and also Chief Of Staff Medal of Appreciation. Many schools, hills and places are renamed to Ramon’s name in his honor.

STS-107 Columbia space mission, it’s  this space flight that come in everyone’s mind while thinking of Ilan Ramon. After 16 days life in space, entire crew of Columbia mission successfully conducted about 80 experiments. But, unfortunately it ended up in a disaster 16 minutes before the scheduled landing time. Ramon also died in the accident.

Google doodle on his 60th birthday is a real honor for Ramon’s dedication and contribution to the world by search giant.