Igor Stravinsky Birthday doodle pointing The Fire Bird

Google gave tribute to the Russian music composer Igor Stravinsky with global doodle . Igor was one of the most famous music composer of 20th century.

Igor Stravinsky Birthday doodle
Igor Stravinsky Birthday (June 17, 2009)

Igor Stravinsky birthday doodle was very colorful one with inclusion of birds, flowers and greenery. We can see that entire logo alphabets have undergone some transformation in the Google doodle. Inclusion of red bird flying through the fire in the doodle points out his work “Ballets Russes: The Fire Bird”.

A look on Igor Stravinsky’s life and music

It was on 1882 June 17th Igor Stravinsky was born in Russia. From the childhood itself Igor had great affection for music. But his parents want Igor to study law. During that time he met Nikolai Rimsky Korsakav and started learning music privately. By the time he started spending much of his time studying music than law. We can see his passion for music in each of his works.

Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky

As that we can see in the doodle,  it was the The Firebird which became a turning point in the life of Igor Stravinsky. It was in the year 1910 The fire bird happened. From the time in the following years he composed many other music which also added golden feathers to  Stravinsky’s  crown.

Art, literature and music was the life of Igor Stravinsky. He was a member of Christian orthodox community and had great faith in religion. Stravinsky ones have said that ” music is the way to pray in the best way other than building huge churches and decorations”.

Stravinsky’s works were widely recognized and was honored with many awards and prizes throughout his life time. It was during 1950’s he got his major recognitions as a composer. With this Igor Stravinsky Birthday doodle pointing The Fire Bird,Google honored his talents.