MattCutt: an ideal guide for all webmasters

MattCutt is the head of Webspam team of the search giant Google. He Joint Google in the year 2000 after taking the PhD in Computer Graphics from University of North Carolina. As you know webmasters relay on Google for all the activities in their site, a right guide is very essential to maintain the quality of their sites. Matt Cutts is an ideal guide for all webmasters.

 ideal guide for all webmastersAre you a webmaster confused of any queries regarding you site and the way it works? Yes, then MattCutt is the right person for you. MattCutt provide you all the details of SEO, site traffic issues, page ranking and whatever you are in search for through his site and official YouTube Channel.

As I mentioned above you can get details of search engine optimization, issues a webmaster faces while handling site, things that a webmaster should take care of to improve the page ranking and other new information’s of Google’s Webspam department from him through his site.

He presents all the topics that he wants to convey to the readers in an interactive and informative way. The simple normal language and images that conveys the perfect message that he use makes MattCutt an ideal guide for all the webmasters. MattCutt gets connected to his readers regularly through his site so anyone can clarify their doubts directly with him by interacting through his blogs. It’s very rare to have a person who is the head of a department in Google, such a big corporation, available to clarify doubts of common people.

While Google rolled out Penguin 2 Algorithm and Panda algorithm updates this May, it was MattCutt who took in charge of it. He is also a co-inventor in web spam and search engine patent of Google. By all these we can see that as a team head of Google he plays a big part in Google making your Google search effective and safe.

Information that he share through his site is really useful for the webmasters to keep their sites well maintained and also helps in ensuring the quality of content. You can also get connected with him through Google Plus.