Ichiyo Higuchi’s 142nd birthday marked by Google Doodle

Google Japan marks Ichiyo Higuchi’s 142nd birthday on 2nd May with special doodle. Natsu Higuchi, most prominent Japanese writer is known widely in her pen name Ichiyo Higuchi.

ichiyo higuchi 142nd birthday google doodle
Ichiyo Higuchi 142nd birthday google doodle(May 2, 2014)

Friday’s Google Doodle is special designed in Ichiyo’s honor. Ichiyo Higuchi was born in 1872 May 2nd. Though Ichiyo started her career as an author to help her poor family to settle, the narrative skill and style attracted wide range of people. Google Doodle for Ichiyo depicts image from one of her famous works.

Thirteent Night, Separate Way, Child’s play, Troubled waters, On the last day of the year are her famous works. Novel’s, short stories, poems and essays are written by Higuchi in a life time of 24 years. Higuchi’s works are refereed by many authors and is appreciated by prominent writers today also . Higuchi included woman and life at low end of society in her works as theme.

Higuchi died at the age of 24 in the year 1896 November 23. Within the age of 24 Higuchi became famous in Tokyo. She is one among the first woman authors from Japan.

Higuchi’s fame in Japan made her the third woman to be imaged in Japanese Banknote. Famous Higuchi’s stories are made in to movies, television dramas, cartoons and theater plays in later years after her death. Google Doodle in Japan Homepage on 2nd May honors Higuchi for her works.