HTC to unveil new sound and camera experience in 2013

A perfect camera is the right element which you want to see within Smartphone you dreamt for. By keeping this fact in mind HTC to unveil new sound and camera experience in 2013.

htc to unveil new sound and camera experience in 2013HTC revealed about the new camera innovation for upcoming smartphone through official blog . includes step by step evolution of photography. At first the post describe about Daguerreotype image from Louis Jacques which was unveiled in 1839. From that description the blog came through all possible sections of photographic technology.

In HTC’s post other than first photographic device we may focused for first camera phone and picture captured with it. The first ever camera phone was created by Philippe Khan and the first ever picture was a new born baby. Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210 is the first ever camera phone developed in Japan. Also explained about innovative camera mobiles such as Nokia Lumia 808.

At the ending section HTC pull down us to a super hype state with the statement ‘new sound and camera experience in 2013’. The perfect teasing from HTC makes it upcoming Smartphones to most awaiting ones. It is almost confirmed that upcoming HTC One have ultrapixel camera, becomes first ever Smartphone to have an ultra pixel camera.

The ultra pixel camera have capacity to bring more light to the shots, such that each photo becomes more meaning full and vibrant. Ultrapixel is kind of layers each layers contains 4.3 million pixels, can make each shots more meaningfull than normal megapixel cameras. Upcoming HTC One have 4.3 ultrapixel camera and perform well in low light photography.

HTC One has 4.7 inch full-HD display with a pixel density of 468ppi. The SoLux display panel offers greater outdoor visibility to the phone. The phone will be powered by 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor. It is supported by 2GB RAM. It will available in 32GB internal memory format. HTC One also has micro-SD card support., will run on android Jelly Bean operating system