How to update to Windows 8.1 preview from Windows 8

Windows 8.1 preview is a pre-released version of upcoming Microsoft OS. Through Windows 8.1 preview you will get enhancement in apps, windows store, cloud connectivity, security..Etc. If you have a genuine version of Windows, here is how to update to Windows 8.1 preview from Windows to update to windows 8.1 preview

Windows 8.1 preview is not a finished product so it is recommented you that the updation may encountered with some problems, like network accessing problems, damage to files, different card reading problems..Etc. So you must be aware of these things before you going to search for How to update to Windows 8.1 preview. The official Windows 8.1 release will regulate these problems through the updation.

System requirements for Windows 8.1 Preview

  • Processor 1GHz or faster.
  • RAM 1GB for 32bit OS , 2GB for 64bit OS.
  • Disc space : 16GB fr 32bit and 20GB for 64bit.
  • Graphics card support : MicrosoftDirect X 9 graphics.

You must backup your files from the system before going to update to Windows 8.1 preview. It help you to keep the data in the cases you can’t return back to Windows 8 after upgrade to Windows 8.1 preview.

How to update to Windows 8.1 preview

  • Go to Windows 8.1 preview page of official Microsoft web site.
  • Install the update that enables transition of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 preview.update icon

The updation to Windows 8.1 preview is down through Windows store. This updation will automatically get install to Windows store whenever  Windows 8.1 release. Microsoft all set to release Windows 8.1 preview on October 17.

  • System will reboot after installation, you will see a Windows 8.1 preview installation message.
  • Click on goto store, you will redirected to Windows store.Windows 8.1
  • Click on download, before the installation your system will go through compatibility steps.
  • System will reboot several times and Windows 8.1 preview will install within minutes.Windows 8.1 look

After installation of Windows 8.1 preview customize it with recommended steps by Microsoft. The uninstalling of Windows 8.1 preview won’t support by your system. If you wish to go back use restore factory setting within your Windows OS.