How to turn off Facebook Home in HTC First

Facebook launched the official social home for android users in the month of April. At the time of official Facebook event they also announced the first ever Facebook Home built in Smartphone HTC first. Now many of its users want to get rid of social home because of massive overtake.Here how to turn off Facebook Home in HTC First.

How to turn off Facebook Home in HTC FirstHTC First comes into market with built in social home feature. First of all the Facebook software turn the Smartphone into a social networking toy. It hides out the widgets and application folders to crap. One of the Facebook mobile pages reveals that The HTC First users can deactivate the Facebook Home for temporarily. “Cover feed on the HTC First keeps your friends close by. But if you need some alone time, simply turn off the home and use your phone as normally” said the page.

How to turn off Facebook Home in HTC First

One of the focusing things which you get on the removal of social home from HTC First is the stock android 4.1. That is the pure social device turns into a pure android device. The stock version of android can provide ultimate Google experience through the device. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also commented about social home issues over the users at AllThingsD conference 2013.

According to him the people who loved the Facebook Home are heavy FB users. The people who spend most of their time on Facebook they rated the social home for good. They want their friends right on their home page of their handset. They believed that chat heads brings more chatting experience to them.

He also said about the Facebook Home haters.  The people who don’t like this feature focused more for Smartphone experience. They don’t want to be high social networking experience. But the cover feed and chat heads are liked by everyone. The temporary removal of Facebook Home helps the users to gets back their Smartphone experience they wished for.