How to set reminders using Google Now

Showing informations you need before you searching for it become one of best features of Google Now. Using this feature you can set reminders for different tasks, places and important events.

First of all this feature is available for both Android and iOS devices. Google Now brings different cards based on the settings you made.

To Launch Google Now

  • Tap on Google search bar from the to of the screen for Android 4.1 devices.
  • For iOS devices it is available through official Google search application.
  • Swipe from bottom of the screen for Nexus devices, swipe to left of home screen in Nexus 5.

Once you launch the Google Now you can set the reminder either by voice or manually.

Set Reminders using Google Now

  • Launch Google Now from your device.
  • Touch the microphone icon from the screen.Google Now reminder
  • Make command as “Reminder me to” then say what exactly you want to do and at what time.
  • Tap on set reminder to finish.

You can also set reminder manually.

  • Open Google Now from the device.
  • Tap on ‘Set reminder’ icon from the bottom of the screen.
  • Type your reminder and set time and place for accuracy.
  • Touch reminder me at this time.
  • Tap on set reminder for iOS devices.

Edit or Delete Reminders

  • Launch Google Now.
  • Tap on reminder icon from bottom of the screen.
  • Select reminder.
  • Make appropriate changes or select delete.