How to send mobile app install notification using Facebook login

Many of developers work on websites along with applications. But make users aware about your application is a hard job. As a solution for this Facebook today released Mobile app install notification – A new tool that help your users to discover and download your apps.

Suppose you have applications within either or both Android and iOS platform and you like to notify the users of your website about your applications. This new feature help you to send push notifications for the users through the Facebook login implemented within the website.

Eligible Applications for Mobile Install Notifications

Your Android and iOS application becomes eligible for this new feature only when you done the following settings

  • Implement Version 2.0 of Facebook login within your website.
  • Integrate Facebook login with your Android and iOS application.
  • Must listed your application within iTunes Store and Google Play.

Once you done these settings your users will see a new check box when they login with your website, will ask them for ‘Send a link to get (your application) on your phone’. If the user choose to receive link to his/her phone they will receive notifications from Facebook about this link.Mobile to app Notification

The notification will comes to their Facebook application within their phone. When they tap on this new notification they will redirect to App store or Google Play, can easily discover and download your app from there.