How To Save And Retrieve Favorite Posts On Facebook

Facebook recently introduced new save button for both mobile and web. It let you to bookmark your favorite posts on the network so that can read them later. Here how exactly save posts on Facebook and retrieve them on time.

First of all Facebook let you to save all sort of interesting items that appears on your newsfeed, such as different links, places, movies, music…Etc. In that way you can explore every stories on your newsfeed at right way at right time.

The saving of stories on Facebook available for both mobile and web. In that way you can read them from anywhere and from any device.

How To Save Stories On Facebook

  • Sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Goto your newsfeed, from mobile or fb stories
  • Click on drop down menu next top right corner of stories you liked to save.
  • Click on save button.

How To Retrieve The Saved Stories On Facebook

  • Go to your Facebook newsfeed.
  • Click on ‘Saved’ menu from top left corner.retrieve saved fb stories
  • Select the desired story from the list.

Within saved section you can see all saved stories at one place. The links, places, books, music, movies and TV shows sections also makes retrieving of saved stories much faster. Once you close any link from saved section it will goto archive section. From there you can either unarchive or delete that particular post.