How to run windows applications on android phone

You are all heard about the BlueStack application player that allows android applications to run on Mac and Windows PCs. Bringing world’s most popular mobile operating system to desktop PC is not at all a small thing. Here how to run windows applications on android phone

how to run windows applications on android phoneWine is an open source application which is a Windows Emulator. It brings world’s most popular desktop platform applications to Linux. Now they work for to android platform to support windows applications. Of course android is enriches with more than 750000 application support. But the powerful Windows application surely makes your Smartphone more effective.

Alexandre Julliard is the leader behind this project who is one of the developers behind the application. He developed a code weaver to bringing windows to Google Android. Android users are waiting for this application since it released for Linux. It is most probably released in the month of March.

To work with Wine common graphical user interface is used. You can run this application just like of another applications on your device. It supports thousands of Windows applications. It won’t work with more complex desktop applications. The current version uses virtual C drive for the installation.

Wine won’t make any errors to operating system in which it I installed on. It makes the desired operating system to more useful manner. Compiling in Wine application is a faster process. It makes possible to run the applications instantly. It provides various bug fixes and HTTPS support.

Wine developers also provide time to time updation for the application. Each updation featured with possible changes. You don’t have to use command lines for to use this application. It promises a secured environment throughout the working. The aim of Wine developers to bring together all effective applications from various platforms to your device. Keep wait for android version of Wine.