How to remove your Facebook account permanently

Today most of the people use internet to stay connected with Facebook. It  became a unique destination for people to connect with friends, promotions, gaming and for to getting latest news. But many of us like to get rid of this social account as it is a public platform. Here is how to remove your Facebook account permanently.

How to remove your Facebook account permanentlyYou sign up for Facebook for many reasons and become addicted to Facebook.The first ever thing is nothing but most of your friends are there. Facebook also provide many innovative features. But sometimes you feel that Facebook knows so much about you, and you wish to delete your profile. To make a permanent deletion you must follow some important tips.

How to remove your Facebook account permanently

Facebook has the richest personal information database in the internet. In fact we get many of contact details from Facebook itself. So before you are going to make deletion you must make a backup of these data. The mail IDs, phone numbers and other addresses have to be stored somewhere else for further use.

We also upload all our favorite photos and videos in FB to share with our friends. As those contents were stored with online many of us don’t make a duplicate copy. So you must save those files in another place before leaving FB.

We connect with Facebook through PCs, Tablets and through Smartphones. Many of us stay signed with FB in these devices. So it is very important to gets log out from these devices to make the complete deletion.account deletion confirmation in FB

How to make complete deletion

  • Make sure that you have log out from all the devices you used to connect with FB other than one which you used for deletion.
  • Login with your FB account
  • Follow the link copy and paste this link to your browser (
  • Click on delete my account.

Another important thing to make sure after deletion is that you must avoid further login with FB in next 14 days. If youtry to login with Facebook within 14 days your deletion request gets cancel.  So make a right decision before you are going for FB account deletion.