How to remove phone number from truecaller

Truecaller makes an excellent service in providing information about unknown numbers. The usage of truecaller sounds security concerns but at same time one must take care about their phone numbers on the same service. Here how to remove phone number from truecaller.

How to remove phone number from truecaller

First of all truecaller service can be access from both web and mobile. Th database of the service includes numbers and names that are registered within web, also upon the installation of official app the contact list get shared to the service. So it is essential to unlist your phone number from truecaller database.

How to remove phone numbers from truecaller

truecaller unlist

  • Enter phone number you want to unlist from database.
  • Fill capcha for verification and click unlist button.

How to control contacting in truecaller

  • Open truecaller application.
  • Select privacy settings.
  • Select ‘me tab’ from the list.
  • Change the info view to ‘all users’, ‘friends only’ or ‘available by request only’.
  • Contact request option makes contacting by request only.
  • Save changes.