How to record your conversations on Skype

We always like to connect with our friends. That’s why the social networking sites and chat rooms became this much popular within internet. Upon these kinds of services the most successful is Skype. Here the tip to How to record your conversations on Skype.

How to record your conversations on SkypeSkype is the most popular VoIP service existing in internet. There are more than 600 million active users on Skype. The innovative features within the Skype make our communication at its best. Sometimes we wish to rewind some conversation which we had made with our friends. With conversation recorder from DVDVideoSoft you can save any conversation which you had made in Skype.

The Skype recorder from DVDVideoSoft allows you to save the various Skype conversations. It becomes useful in future and the sweet memories never get disappeared. It provides a simpler user friendly recording without any limitations.

How to record your conversations on Skype

  • The first ever thing you have to do is download the Skype conversation recorder from DVDVideoSoft. It is free software from the company without having any spyware or adware. It is very easy to install and run also.
  • Sign in with your Skype account.
  • Launch the Skype video recorder from the desktop.Skype recorder first steps
  • First of all you have to select the desired mode in which you wish to makes the recording. The particular software provides three modes of recording that are record all sides, record other side, audio only.
  • The next step you have to do is select the desired location to which the recorded conversations have to be downloaded.
  • Then you can start the conversation within the Skype at your wish.Skype recorder second steps
  • Click on the recording button within Skype video recorder.
  • Stop recording by tap on the desired button within the recorder at the time you want to end it.
  • By clicking in show in folder button you can see the recorded conversation from Skype.Final steps in skype recorder

The Skype video reorder provides a high quality conversation recording. It demands only low processor requirements. The video calls can be recorded within mp4 format and audio calls can be recorded by mp3 formats. Both these formats are supported by all most modern players. The pause feature within the recorder helps to make the clips with only relevant moments.