How to protect Windows 8.1 PC from online threats

The performance of your PC merely depends upon how you protect it from various threats. Microsoft provides many built in security features in Windows 8.1, but it rely on how you use it. Here how to protect Windows 8.1 PC from online threats

How to protect Windows 8.1 PCThe online threats from hackers, viruses, malwares and spywares definitely dump your PC. So you must active the inbuilt security features within Windows 8.1 to ensure the online protection.

how to protect Windows 8.1 PC

Microsoft provides different security check lists within Windows 8.1. Upon them most important one is action center. You can get it from the bottom right corner of Windows. Action center within Windows help you to make sure your firewall is on, antimalware protection is up to date, your PC is ready to get various updates automatically. So keep follow the notifications from action center in Windows.

Automatic updating in Windows 8.1

To running any application or service smoothly it must be out of errors and to be in up to date mode. The automatic updating in Windows 8.1 help you to get various bug fixes and addition of features without having searching for them. Windows 8.1 allows you to install recommended updates automatically or to inform you about the updates.  automatic updation

Windows 8.1 never add any application to your PC without the permission. Windows will prompt you about automatic updation during the installation of Windows 8.1. You can also check it later through right click on This PC ->properties->Windows updates->change settings. Automatic updation in Windows always help your PC to run smoothly.

Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen

Microsoft had upgraded the malware resistance of Windows defender in Windows 8.1 OS. It is a built in lighweight antivirus in Windows 8.1 that help you to guard the PC from viruses, malwares and from other threats. Windows defender runs realtime in background of Windows 8.1, give indication about threats through yellow and red light. Windows defender also recommended for you to what to do whenever it found a threat within your PC.

A simple search within the start screen of Windows 8.1 will bring you Windows defender. You can make quick, custom or full scan with Windows defender anytime. It is recommended you to check Windows defender upto date every time.

Windows Defender

Windows SmartScreen help you to keep the PC out of from mailicous or unwanted software installation. Whenever you download and try to install an application from internet Windows SmartScreen will inform you about whether it is a good one or not. SmartScreen filtering in Internet Explorer 11 will inform you about harmful sites.

To manage Windows SmartScreen setting 

  • Search for action center within Windows 8.1 start screen.
  • Open action center.
  • Select Windows SmartScreen setting.
  • Choose how to treat malicious application through Windows 8.1.

Web security with Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft added antimalware solution within Internet Explorer 11, will keep you out of from armful sites. Your works within web running smoothly only if you can keep the personal informations securely. The InPrivate mode within Internet Explorer keep your PC and personal informations in safe zone. To enable the private mode in Internet Explorer 11 just follow the steps.Internet explorer 11

  • Open Internet Explorer 11.
  • Click on security.
  • Select new InPrivate tab.

The do not track header within Internet Explorer 11 send a signal to the website you have visited to not to track your visit. It will keep you to follow secured browsing using Internet Explorer 11.

Safety on public network

Sometimes you are force to connect your system to connect with public networks. But it leads to loss your data and surfing in web to some one else. But Windows 8.1 helps you to becomes private on public network.

  • Check action center when you connect your system on public network.
  • Select no, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices.

Secure Microsoft account

Your Microsoft account will help you to socialize, to shop, to purchase application and much more. So the security of your Microsoft is a must one, also the responsibility of the Company. To add security to your Microsoft account in Windows 8.1

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Select password and security informations.
  • Hit on edit security informations.
  • Add or change the personal informations at your wish.
  • Click OK after making changes.

Lock up data using bitlocker encryption

Within Windows 8.1 you can choose bitlocker encryption to lock up data. The AES encryption in CBC mode of bitlocker provide maximum security to your data. You can apply bitlocker encryption to your operating system files, fixed datas and to USBs.bitlocker drive encryption

  • Search for bitlocker drive encryption in Windows 8.1.
  • Click on manage.
  • Select right drive for encryption
  • Generate backup key.

Top image credit : Flickr