How to move photos between Google+ albums

Today the social networking service Google+ turns to its second birthday. Upon this favorite day Google introduced several new features to Google+ like new follow button community badge…Etc. It is not the end, here is how to move photos between Google+ albums

How to move photos between Google+ albumsGoogle redesigned the Google+ service in the month of May. The new interface of Google+ presents the multimedia contents in stunning look. The auto adjustment within the photos by this service makes all photos to look in high quality mode. Google also taught us with move photos between Google+ albums with new updation.

The noticeable feature that comes to Google+ photos is the ability to move between albums. So now the user can avoid the repeated downloading and uploading of photos.

How to move photos between Google+ albums

  • Open albums and select the desired photos.
  • Click ‘select’ to select all photos.
  • Click on move button in the upper part of album.
  • Select the desired destination.
  • Then hit on move button.

Google + also featured with a new download button to save your photos to right your system. To download photos from Google+

  • Select a few photos from any albums.
  • Click on ‘select’ button to select all photos within a particular album.
  • Click on download button in the upper position.

Now the users can also feel a smooth approach in uploading large photos to Google+ albums. This new features to Google+ surely make perfect user experience. We knew that Google I/O 2013 event brings 15GB auto back memory for Google+ users. It helps the users to store large number of albums within their Google+ account.

The auto highlight feature within new redesigned Google+ allows users to select high quality photos of a large collection. Also the auto enhancement makes all your photos looking stunning. The photos get filled within the columns of your Google+ profile so that it looks like in a well-organized manner. We can also expect even more features for Google+ in coming months.