How to make your search better in Google?

Google search is the only place where you get information all you need. Finding the right information from a huge knowledge graph is not an easy task. Though the search giant help you to find out the right answer for your queries. So how to make your search better in Google?

How to make your search better in Google?If you have a proper Google searching skills you can get answers for the queries or the information that you need within seconds. Here is some of the searching techniques which makes your Google search efficient.

How to make your search better in Google?

Put your searching phrase in quotations

Use single quotes or double quotes if you want to get the information of exact keyword.

Search foe exact keywordUse ‘-‘ to exclude words

Just imagine if you don’t want to get results on certain area when you are searching in Google. To make it possible just use ‘-‘and type that word after typing what you want to get. So the unnecessary results can be avoided.

Use ‘-‘ to exclude words

Use ‘~’ to get similar meaning results

By using ~ symbol in your search we can get the answer with similar meaning in the search.

Use ‘~’ to get similar meaning resultsWildcard search

This method of searching is very useful if you don’t actually know what is to be searched or don’t know the exact spelling. You just type ‘*’ in the place where you have a doubt. Google will substitute all the possible combinations of results and give you the result you search for.

Wildcard searchSearching from specific site

If you want the result from a specific site containing specific phrase then you just follow this format “phrase to search”site:sitename.

Searching from specific siteSearching for specific document

If you are searching for a specific type of document then use the search phrase with filetype: file extension.

Searching for specific documentUsing ‘OR’ for better search

Though Google provides you all the possible results if you are looking for specific combination of answers just use the term ‘OR’ for that.

Using ‘OR’ for better search

To get quick definitions use “:define”

The definitions for a particular word can be easy found if you use the searching word with “:define”

To get quick definitions use

Number searching

As Google can recognize the pattern you search the results for specific type of number can easily found out by simple number typing. We can get a phone number, Patent numbers in US, Vehicle ID in US, Flight numbers etc by just searching on Google efficiently. It can also give the exact information on place if you just type the area code.

Number searchingMake your Unit conversion efficient

You convert any units by using Google search. Just specify the unit from and to which the conversions to be made in the search bar with quantity.

Make your Unit conversion efficientLimit your search if you wish

You can extent or limit the scope of your search accordingly with Google search. Type “inurl”, “intitle” or “inanchor” if you want to limit your search with in this.

Limit your search if you wishFor music and movie

Just “:music” and “:movie” to get the results on music and movies from Google search.

For music and movieTime and date of any place

By just typing “time” with the name of place we can see the current time, day and date of the place with in no time in Google.

Time and date of any placeCalculator

Do your calculation easy by just typing the expression in Google search bar. The complicated calculations can be made much simple with using calculator with your Google search.

CalculatorIf you follow this small tips while searching you can get fast result for what you ask from Google. Google is the search giant which have data of anything and everything. Explore the vast possibilities that Google provides you in an efficient and effective way. Make your searching experiences better by using this tips.