How to make Windows 8 PC ready for Windows 8.1 upgrade

As you know Windows 8.1 updation is free for genuine Windows 8 users. But you must follow some steps to make smoother Windows updation. Here how to make Windows 8 PC ready for Windows 8.1 upgrade.

How to make Windows 8 PC ready for Windows 8.1 upgradeThe system requirements for Windows 8.1 is nearly same as that of Windows 8. You can also make Windows 8.1 updation through Windows store, not found with previous Windows updations. The Windows 8.1 updation will bring enhanced personalization, advanced applications, deep search, improved UI, smart security and fast running.

How to make Windows 8 PC ready for Windows 8.1 upgrade

The first ever thing you have to make sure during Windows updation is your device is connected to power. In the case of power loss the installation process won’t complete in exact way. Also you have to make sure your device is connected to internet during updation because Windows 8.1 set up need it.

Back up your important data using file history

The file history within Windows 8.1 automatically backup your personal data so that you can restore them in the case of losing original file. File history also help you to restore different versions of files.

  • Select a blank USB or external hard disk that have enough space to hold your files and connect it within your PC.
  • Goto start screen of Windows 8 and search for file history, click file history settings.
  • Select the external storage device you have connected and turn on file history.
  • Configure the file history drive you have selected and back up your files.

Create system image for recovering your system

A system image as you know the exact copy of a drive help you to recover the system in the case of OS failure. System image will store Windows, settings, programs and files.

  • Goto Windows 8 start screen and search for Windows 7 file recovery.
  • Click on create a system image from the left side.
  • Select an external storage device for making system image, make sure that the storage media have enough space to store the data.
  • Check for whether the settings are in right form or not.
  • Click on start backup.

Check hardware compatibility for Windows 8.1

It is important to make update for Windows 8.1 PC drivers, that is all your drivers must be compatible with Windows 8.1. You can check driver updation within manufactures site. You can also check it through Windows compatibility center.