How to make heart rate measuring in iPhone like Galaxy S5

One of the promising features within Galaxy S5 is heart rate measuring itself. It also provides many fitness services through inbuilt S heath application. If you are a iPhone user you don’t have to worry about missing such a service, your iOS device have same power like Galaxy S5 upon monitoring of heart rate.

How to make heart rate measuring in iPhone like Galaxy S5

Samsung included a dedicative sensor within Galaxy S5 beside to camera to measuring heart rate. Unfortunately Apple didn’t included such a sensor in any series of iPhone and it’s  built in camera have also power to monitor the heart rate. You can test it through three different health applications heart rate monitor, instant heart rate and runtastic heart rate monitor.

One thing you have to follow while measuring heart rate is you have to press camera button gently. It actually measures the blood flow through the finger. When you press hardly blood can’y flow at normal speed in that way you will get wrong measurement.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor is a newly released health and fitness application from plus sports. It demands $1.99 on App store. It let you to measure the heart rate in two methods. In first method you just need to point the camera to your face, in next method you have to place the finger over the camera.heart rate monitor

  • Can make analysis through measurement history.
  • Let you to add notes to heart rates at different moments.

Heart Rate Monitor on App Store

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Another heart rate monitoring application from popular health application developer runtastic. It also demands $2.99 on app store for usage. You only have to place the index finger on rear camera and to press gently, will display exact heart rate within few seconds. It also let you to filter the measurements by types of measuring.Runtastic

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor on App Store

Instant Heart Rate

It is an award winning health application from Azumio on App Store, demands $1.99. Like other two applications you have to cover the camera lens by your index finger. You can see monitoring of heart rate within the screen, will show you results very soon.Instant heart app

Instant Heart Rate on App Store

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