How to make better search with Google Chrome

Choosing a faster browser like chrome doesn’t  mean that you can make better search on web, have to test all possible ways of search. Chrome browser offers different ways of searching that brings exact result within no time. Here all possible way of searching you can make with chrome browser.

How to make better search with Google Chrome

The following tips can be perform within chrome browser for Windows, Linux, Mac and chrome browser.

1. Search within a specific site using tab search

Chrome have record of sites you have searched in previous time. Using that data offers you an option to make search within a particular site, called tab search. To perform tab search you need to know the keywords of that site, becomes helpful when you want to make a return visit to that site for a particular page.

  • Type URL of the site within the address bar.
  • Click on tab search at right side of search chrome
  • Type keyword of that particular site.
  • Hit enter to find the desired page.

2. Search for a word or term within a particular webpage

Reading an entire page for a finding out particular word becomes a difficult task for you. In such a situation the find bar within chrome becomes right choice, can find the word you want with few clicks.

  • Click on the chrome menu at top right corner of the page.find
  • Click on find.
  • A find bar will appears on top right corner of the page.find word
  • Enter the words you want to filtered out from that page.

You can also perform this search by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F and enter the word with the find bar.

 3. Search for History, Downloads and Bookmarks you made

It consumes lots of time to find out single things from your history, bookmarks and downloads. But chrome provides search bar for all these sections for finding out desired items easily.

  • Click on chrome menu on top right corner.history
  • Select history(Ctrl+H), downloads(Ctrl+J) or
  • Search for particular item using search bar at top of the page.

4.Instant right click search for a word or image

Once you find a complex word or attractive image within the webpage you can make instant search for them right from the page.

  • Highlight the text or image within a web page.right click search
  • Click on ‘search Google with this image’ for search about a particular image.
  • Or click on search Google for ‘word’ to search about a particular word.

5.Search from address bar

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You don’t need to always go for the homepage of Google to search something. You can make searches right from the address bar itself. The autofill from Google also makes your searches faster right from address bar.