How To Keep Self Destructing Messages In iOS 8

Apple officially released iOS 8 gold master version on 17th September 2014. One of main features in iOS 8 is ability to send self destructing images, audio and video messages from the stock message application. At same time Apple also give option to keep such messages before it automatically vanish from your inbox.

The self destructing time of image, audio and video messages in iOS 8 set to 2 minutes by default. Unlike snapchat message application Apple didn’t provide more options for changing duration of self destructing feature of messages. But you can find option for keeping messages before the reaching the deadline or can turn off self destructing message.

Keep self destructing messages in iOS 8

1. Send a self destructing  image, audio or video file

For Sending self destructing image or video

  • Goto iMessages from your iOS 8 device.
  • Tap on camera icon.
  • Tap on ‘take photo or video’ option.
  • New radial menu will appear on the screen.
  • Tap on camera icon to take a quick photo or tap on recording icon for taking a video.
  • Send the snap or video by a flick with your thumb on the screen.

For sending a self destructing audio file

  • Goto iMessages.
  • Tap on microphone icon from the right side of composing box.
  • Tap and hold the record and icon on radial menu for recording your voice.
  • Send the the audio file by flick with your thumb.

Keep self destructing messages in iOS 8

Once you send audio or video files you can find a ‘keep’ option just under the respective messages. Click on that option to keep those messages.How to turn off self destructing feature in iOS 8

  • Goto settings.
  • Tap on messages.
  • Goto audio and video messages section in the bottom of the page.
  • Tap on audio or video messages.
  • Then choose ‘Never’ option.