How to get rid of unauthorized activity on your email account

Today most of all internet users have three or four email account. It just because email became the common tool to access various services within internet. At the same time it is easily get targeted by the hackers. So here some of tips to How to get rid of unauthorized activity on your email account.

Email security measuresWe can’t touch with any effective services within internet without having an email ID. With one simple Gmail account we can access most all services from Google. Also it is became key factor in many other services in web. So it is important to keep the email account very safe.

How to get rid of unauthorized activity on your email account

Upon the registration time itself most of us try to make our mail account as safe as possible. We give complex passwords and difficult security question within them. But even there is chance for unauthorized activities and many times we failed to detect them.

How to detect the unauthorized activities in your email

  • It is easy to detect an authorized activity within a Gmail account. Google record the login time and exact IP address each time when you access your mail account. From the logging details within the Gmail you can identify whether the authentication from your system or not. It can be found from the bottom right of Gmail.
  • Gmail also show alert messages within the login details. If your account has been accessed from any of other places an alert message will appear on the top of the desired page.
  • Once you get into your email account check for mails within the inbox. If any of the mails marked as read even it is not read by you then it can be confirmed as unauthorized access.
  • Check whether your important mails have been deleted or move to trash. Deletion of important message became common thing done by the hackers. Also you have to confirm the private messages won’t get forward to unknown IDs.
  • Check the sent mails to confirm whether any mails get sent to anyone without your knowledge. Unauthorized access also may change your secondary mail.securities within Gmail service

Once you detect any of these activities then you can confirm that your mail is under attack. O stop the further attack within your mail and to increase the security you must follow some of steps.

How to get rid of unauthorized access within your email

  • Change your password immediately after you identified the attack within your email account. You must provide complex password at that time. The password must be a mix of phrases, numbers and special characters.
  • If you are a Gmail user you can increase the securitythrough two step authentication. If you turn on the two step authentication in your Gmail. Then you will get an authentication code to your mobile number you provided within the account. You must enter that code to access your account.Two step varification within Gmail
  • Change the security question within the account. The better thing is to create your own question rather than select the question already provided in the mail service. You must create the question as secret as possible.
  • You must remove the third party email address within your account. Also you have to make sure the password and security question of your secondary mail has been changed.
  • Confirm that you have unchecked the stay sign in box within the login page when you are access the account from public places. Try your level best to access the account only from confident places. Protect your system with firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware.